Links: December 14, 2010

14 Dec

The Bitch Who Roared: “Short Post: Please Don’t LGBTQI Me”

Said It: “Little Women, Big Men: Sexism and the Language of Size”

A Radical Profeminist: “The Trans/Gender Politics of Shaming Women-as-Women, Around and Beyond the Queer, Antifeminist Blogosphere”

Lots more links involving Julian Assange and the ongoing saga of worldwide victim blaming… [TW]

The Curvature (Tumblr): “So Here’s the Thing, People”. And I’m gonna go ahead and quote a bunch of it here, because the post is just so awesome.

This right now is probably not a good time to say “I’m real happy for you, and Imma let you finish about all of this girly rape apologism stuff, but the fact is that Assange is only being charged with anything because of Wikileaks.”

Because you know what? Chances are we know that. Chances are, it really fucking hurts to see governments finally taking rape “seriously,” only to know that they’re likely not taking it seriously at all, that they couldn’t care any less about rape than all of the librul d00ds running around talking about how women are lying whores and CIA operatives and radical feminists but lying whores especially, and are just using violence against women to their own ends in an attempt to shut down work that we support.

CHANCES ARE THAT HURTS A LOT. And that it hurts us, and upsets us, and affects us a whole lot more acutely than it affects you, dude, who thought now was the perfect time to mansplain this shit. Chances are we’re not stupid. And we know. And maybe also we’re feminist bloggers who spend EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY WRITING ABOUT HOW NO ONE CARES ABOUT RAPE, so if anyone knows that no one would care if Assange raped an entire fucking country of women except he pissed some governments off, it’s us.

The Washington Post: from Jessica Valenti, “What the Assange case says about rape in America”

Shakesville: “Yikes”, on Michael Moore posting bail for Assange, and the little tidbit of ‘them lying bitches’ that Moore manages to get into his explanation of why he paid his bail.

And from the comments on the previous post, via B., comes Assange-victim-blaming bingo!

Spilt Milk: “Who hears you, when you speak about rape?”

Jessica Valenti, “AOL News at the center of ‘sex by surprise’ lie in Assange rape case”.

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