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27 Jan

My new post on Liberation Collective

Liberation Collective

Female Engagement TeamLast week, when the U.S. Secretary of Defense lifted the nominal ban on women serving in military combat roles, many were quick to applaud the breaking of the “brass ceiling”. Since women have been serving in combat already for some time, this is essentially just recognizing that fact, which is fine. But this is only a victory when ‘equality’ is the end game. Call me crazy, but opening up more ways in which women can join the noble cause of Western imperialism isn’t a feel-good-fuck-yeah-gurrrl moment.

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23 Jan


Apparently I have a new/different blog! Indeed.

I also have a partial explanation for my absence over the last many months. I’m kind of tired. Since finishing college and getting one of those full-time job things (completely unrelated to anything I studied, of course) it’s been difficult to find the time or willpower to immerse myself in terrible facts and awfulness and then write about it. Which isn’t to say I’m done with blogging – of course not. (And I have been writing, just not here, and not necessarily online.) But just to give you an idea of where I’ve been at lately, well, that’s where I’ve been lately.

I’ve thought a lot about writing this post. If I tell everyone that this is how I’ve been feeling, if/when I go back to regularly writing posts, I’ll have this blip in my history in which I let everyone know…

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Hey, Everyone… Meet Me Over Here

23 Jan