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#LawsMenShouldFollow: Be Consistent!

27 Sep

[Trigger warning for prostitution & sexual violence.]

#LawsMenShouldFollow is currently trending on Twitter. I went a-searching to see if others shared my take on the hashtag. And lookee what I found!

A few misconceptions:

1. That rape is simply “stupid” rather than an act of soul-crushing dehumanization used systematically and globally by males, against females.
2. That paying a prostitute is something other than tactical coercion to get a woman to “consent”.
3. That rape is about being sexually “desperate” rather than about men asserting dominance and control over women.

Now, as a humorous palette cleanser also in the vein of “men are awful hypocrites”:

Yeah! The Situation is totally correct, ya’ll. As is the juggalo who agrees with him. Dudes shouldn’t be high maintenance!


New Hub Post: “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, They Just Do Everything Else”

21 Jul

Yesterday, I put up a new post at Rad Fem Hub on the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls anti-child-trafficking campaign and the hypocrisy of the male celebrities featured therein.

And, no, that photo is not real. But it seems like a good illustration of my point.

New Post Up at the Hub: Rich Men’s Currency (Women)

9 Jul

Published a new post at Rad Fem Hub today on corporate “prostitution parties”. Go check it out!

Links: July 8, 2011

8 Jul

RMott: “Resisting Porn Culture”

Ilithyia Inspired: “Uncensored Birth Power”

Guardian CiF: Julie Bindel on World Femininity Day, “The end of feminism, or, how I learned to stop worrying and wear lipstick”

From Meghan Murphy, “My performance of femininity and why it isn’t all about me.”

So along with all the other labels that come along with being critical of gender binaries, pornography, prostitution, etc, that plant a feminist firmly in the no-fun camp, being critical of ‘femininity’ now, apparently, makes you ‘anti-feminine’, whatever that means. The trouble with the ‘anti-feminine’ label is, of course, that femininity isn’t a real thing.

Smash the P: “Joyful Resistance”

Femonade: “On Harm Reduction”

Finally, Gallus Mag shared a fabulous (and uplifting!) short video of Gail Dines talking about the enduring appeal of radical feminism.

[Added on July 10th:] Also!! Here’s a video of Sheila Jeffreys speaking about Kate Millet’s book Sexual Politics (found via this comment on RadFemHub).

Born & Raised

4 Jun

[Trigger warning for prostitution and sexual violence.]

“Since patriarchy began, prostitution is the only work for which men pay women enough to support themselves.” – Marilyn French, “The War Against Women”

The above quote sums up, essentially, what exactly men value in women. Prostitution is the ‘job’ that nearly any person who was born female can do. The prerequisites for such ‘work’ are that, as a female, you will likely have a history of abuse and/or have few or no other options to earn money.

When men do allow girls and women to make some amount of money through prostitution, it is still always conditional. The john could outrightly rape you with no intention of paying you. Your pimp could take all of your money in exchange for his ‘protection.’ You could become ill. Not every girl or woman who is prostituted actually does make enough money to support herself (or her family/children), of course, though it is often still the best option for income out of a number of other terrible options.

Prostitution remains one way of making money that females are uniquely conditioned for their entire lives. Being told — subtly or overtly — your entire life that you are inferior, that you are made to service and care for men, that your needs always come second, the presumption of heterosexuality. . . even if raised as part of a higher economic class, girls are taught that they do not exist for their own purposes. Add the common psychological effects of sexual assault (believing that your sexuality is all you have to offer, etc.) and the stage is entirely set.

Growing up female under patriarchy, though, is all one needs to fall into prostitution either willingly or not.

Links: March 26, 2011

26 Mar

Check out this awesome new blog, Debunking Serano, which gives a page-by-page refutation of Julia Serano’s book “Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity”. I’m kinda-sorta planning on doing something similar  with a used copy I got a couple weeks ago. Until then, get started with Serano Debunker’s posts here.

Femanon: “Poor, poor johns”. . .

Essentially, no one has the right to buy sex or sexual acts-we know that a great amount of abuse exists in this industry, and anyone who risks the chance of raping someone so that they can “get some” is sick.  No one has the right to sex, period.

Noanodyne: “The word is ‘no'”

The Vagina Conspiracy (Ded Gurl Cingz the Blooze): “Liberal Transwomen, Misogyny and M2Fs” – audio . . .

Transwomen living theoretically, and M2F maintaining male privilege and entitlement.

Ball Buster: “Creativity and Rebuilding Solidarity”

Undercover Punk: “Fat acceptance + trans-activism = conflict”

Quotable: Same “Sexual Revolution”, Different Day

20 Mar

Shulamith Firestone, “The Dialectic of Sex” (1970):

[T]he rhetoric of the sexual revolution, if it brought no improvements for women, proved to have great value for men. By convincing women that the usual female games and demands were despicable, unfair, prudish, old-fashioned, puritanical, and self-destructive, a new reservoir of available females was created to expand the tight supply of goods available for traditional sexual exploitation, disarming women of even the little protection they had so painfully acquired.

Rebecca Whisnant, “Beyond Multiple Choice” (2001):

For several years now, I’ve been doing a feminist slide presentation about pornography for classes, dorms, campus groups, conferences—pretty much whoever asks me. I do it because I think it’s crucial for women, especially young women, to know the truth about this massive industry that saturates their society, pollutes many of their intimate relationships, and makes their daily lives more dangerous and alienating. But I don’t always feel good about doing it. As the slide show goes on, some women duck their heads, while others slink down into their seats; a few leave abruptly in the middle. Those who stay look shell-shocked afterwards. Some ask questions, but most are silent. And sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing here. Am I doing them more harm than good?

But then, at least two or three women come up to me afterwards and tell me about their fights with their boyfriends about pornography, or how they felt as a kid when they found their dad’s Penthouse collection, and how seeing the slide show and hearing me talk about it made them feel like they’re not crazy, not just prudish and uptight. And I keep doing the slide show because I believe that understanding pornography—like understanding radical feminist analysis in general—ultimately makes them stronger, not weaker.

Links: March 19, 2011

19 Mar

“A Radical Profeminist’s Favorite Quotes”

R Mott: “Coffee and Condoms”. . . on the farce that is ‘harm reduction’.

Gender Trender: “CNN reports- ‘Missing’ 100 Million Women may lead to ‘Future Consequences'”. . . guess whose consequences they focus on?

Scum-o-Rama: “because this guy* allegedly exists”. . . another amusing graphic along with a fabulous conversation in the comment thread.

Femonade: “From the Motherland”

A piece by Carolyn Gage from last year: “Born That Way… NOT!”. . . a fabulous reply to the discourse of lesbians and gay men ‘being born that way’ and how – quelle surprise – the lesbian experience differs from that of gay men.

Links: March 2, 2011

2 Mar

Easilyriled’s Blog: “feminist lesbians argue for the abolition of prostitution”. . . succinctly laying out arguments, one by one. Seriously go read it.

A new essay by Robert Jensen: “Consciousness rising, world fading”

New York Times editorial, Saturday Feb. 26: “The War on Women”. . . regarding the House Republicans trying to defund everything that helps women not be pregnant.

Juxtapositions: “A Radical Feminist Dictionary, A to Z”. . . I can’t believe I missed this post, especially considering my little dictionary series.

Brave Lucky Game: “In Defense of the Rights of Brutes”. . . on carnism and veganism.

Ded Gurl Cingz the Blooze: “Individualism and Human Destruction” (audio)

A Salon article by Tracy Clark-Flory: “The twisted world of ‘ex-girlfriend porn'” [TW for sexual assault, massive hostility to consent]

High Dudgeon: Linda provides us with a list of ten “Handy Anti-Porn Arguments”

RMott: “You Said What”. . . on the betrayal of women in prostitution by supposed Leftists. “Empowerment”. . . on ‘healing’.

Radical Feminist Dictionary: Harm Reduction

20 Feb

Harm reduction: measures taken to lessen harm done by inherently harmful practices, institutions, and systems.

Example: [TW] “Guess that’s right, not much else you’re good for, there, sister. We’ll work on getting you more condoms and bitty alcohol swabs so you can get fucked but keep clean. Here ya go, here’s a coffee and a sandwich and a clean needle. Enjoy your choice.” (via Easilyriled)

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