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Documentary: “The Perfect Vagina”

31 Mar

[Trigger warning for body hatred miscellany. Warning for some graphic images of surgery.]

No, it’s not a perfect, radical-feminist-y film. And, yes, it should be ‘vulva’ instead of ‘vagina’. It’s still worth a watch if your emotional fortitude allows.

Links: March 26, 2011

26 Mar

Check out this awesome new blog, Debunking Serano, which gives a page-by-page refutation of Julia Serano’s book “Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity”. I’m kinda-sorta planning on doing something similar  with a used copy I got a couple weeks ago. Until then, get started with Serano Debunker’s posts here.

Femanon: “Poor, poor johns”. . .

Essentially, no one has the right to buy sex or sexual acts-we know that a great amount of abuse exists in this industry, and anyone who risks the chance of raping someone so that they can “get some” is sick.  No one has the right to sex, period.

Noanodyne: “The word is ‘no'”

The Vagina Conspiracy (Ded Gurl Cingz the Blooze): “Liberal Transwomen, Misogyny and M2Fs” – audio . . .

Transwomen living theoretically, and M2F maintaining male privilege and entitlement.

Ball Buster: “Creativity and Rebuilding Solidarity”

Undercover Punk: “Fat acceptance + trans-activism = conflict”

Quotable: Same “Sexual Revolution”, Different Day

20 Mar

Shulamith Firestone, “The Dialectic of Sex” (1970):

[T]he rhetoric of the sexual revolution, if it brought no improvements for women, proved to have great value for men. By convincing women that the usual female games and demands were despicable, unfair, prudish, old-fashioned, puritanical, and self-destructive, a new reservoir of available females was created to expand the tight supply of goods available for traditional sexual exploitation, disarming women of even the little protection they had so painfully acquired.

Rebecca Whisnant, “Beyond Multiple Choice” (2001):

For several years now, I’ve been doing a feminist slide presentation about pornography for classes, dorms, campus groups, conferences—pretty much whoever asks me. I do it because I think it’s crucial for women, especially young women, to know the truth about this massive industry that saturates their society, pollutes many of their intimate relationships, and makes their daily lives more dangerous and alienating. But I don’t always feel good about doing it. As the slide show goes on, some women duck their heads, while others slink down into their seats; a few leave abruptly in the middle. Those who stay look shell-shocked afterwards. Some ask questions, but most are silent. And sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing here. Am I doing them more harm than good?

But then, at least two or three women come up to me afterwards and tell me about their fights with their boyfriends about pornography, or how they felt as a kid when they found their dad’s Penthouse collection, and how seeing the slide show and hearing me talk about it made them feel like they’re not crazy, not just prudish and uptight. And I keep doing the slide show because I believe that understanding pornography—like understanding radical feminist analysis in general—ultimately makes them stronger, not weaker.

Links: March 19, 2011

19 Mar

“A Radical Profeminist’s Favorite Quotes”

R Mott: “Coffee and Condoms”. . . on the farce that is ‘harm reduction’.

Gender Trender: “CNN reports- ‘Missing’ 100 Million Women may lead to ‘Future Consequences'”. . . guess whose consequences they focus on?

Scum-o-Rama: “because this guy* allegedly exists”. . . another amusing graphic along with a fabulous conversation in the comment thread.

Femonade: “From the Motherland”

A piece by Carolyn Gage from last year: “Born That Way… NOT!”. . . a fabulous reply to the discourse of lesbians and gay men ‘being born that way’ and how – quelle surprise – the lesbian experience differs from that of gay men.

“I Love Lucy”: Radical Feminist Propaganda?

13 Mar

Lucy wants an “Italian haircut”, a shorter style. The relevant portion of the clip begins at about 2:10 and ends at 3:00.


Lucy: You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get an Italian haircut.

Ricky: Oh no you’re not!

Lucy: Why not?

Ricky: Because I like your hair the way it is.

Lucy: But it would look so good short. Please?

Ricky: Look… for my son’s sake, no.

Lucy: What do you mean for your son’s sake?

Ricky: I’ll ‘splain.

Lucy: Ok. ‘Splain.

Ricky: All people in the world are divided into two groups… men and women.

Lucy: [sarcastically] I know. It’s a wonderful arrangement.

Ricky: Now. Men have short hair, and women have long hair. That’s the difference between them.

Lucy: Oh?

Ricky: Now, I don’t want my son to be confused. He should know whether he should call you mother or father.

Lucy: [walking away] Oh… men! You make me sick.

And later at 13:45 in the video…

Ethel: Well, it’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, but I guess Ricky’s just a man.

Militarized Health Ads

13 Mar

Here are television ads for two products which appeared over the last couple years. I haven’t seen any other blog link these two ads, so here they are.

All of the ads feature a woman as consumer/patient/war-zone, with the product portrayed as a military force coming to “solve” the “problem” the woman has. I could get into the various layers of media analysis here, but this isn’t 101 and this isn’t Sociological Images. I just wanted to share these since they all have such a bizarre confluence of military overtones while also treating female bodies as deficient. What a twofer!

[Note: overt phallic imagery, anyone?]

Omnaris nasal spray (1)

Omnaris nasal spray (2)

[Note: The next ads might be a bit triggery regarding disordered eating.]

Ensure “nutrition” drink (1)

Ensure “nutrition” drink (2)

“I’m a Women’s Studies Major”: The Responses

4 Mar

Here’s a sample of reactions I’ve gotten over the years to people learning I am going for a degree in Women’s (& Gender) Studies.

Longest: a woman telling me a story about how she briefly worked at a “battered woman’s shelter” and how she, apparently begrudgingly, had to deliver a washing machine to a woman out in a rural area.

Most common among my family: “So. . . then. . . what do you do with that?” There’s also a thing among my family members in which they each ask me what I will do career-wise with my degree basically every time I see them. I answer. I see them again. They ask again. I scream in my head. Repeat.

Bonus family member response. . . my far right-wing uncle who used to do Civil War reenactments (fighting for the Confederacy!), “Oh. . . we’ve got one of those in the family.” Given who he listens to on talk radio, I’ll guess that he meant ‘a feminazi’.

Most common among my partner’s family: “That’s awesome!” *asks me about my classes, internship*/*gives me birthday and Christmas gifts relevant to my interests*

Most common among non-WGS students: “Oh, that’s cool.” (With varying degrees of sincerity, usually rather sincere though.)

Most common among friends that I have lost touch with since high school: “Oh, wow. That’s pretty cool. You always were into politics and stuff.”

Most common thing for any non-student to say: *asks me to repeat ‘women’s and gender studies’*. . . *I do so*. . . “Oh, ok. So what do you do with that degree then?”

Strangest: a man in his 60s asking me at the bus stop if I was going to campus, then asking what my major was. . . his response: “Oh! Well, you’re half way there!” Hahahaha what?

Links: March 2, 2011

2 Mar

Easilyriled’s Blog: “feminist lesbians argue for the abolition of prostitution”. . . succinctly laying out arguments, one by one. Seriously go read it.

A new essay by Robert Jensen: “Consciousness rising, world fading”

New York Times editorial, Saturday Feb. 26: “The War on Women”. . . regarding the House Republicans trying to defund everything that helps women not be pregnant.

Juxtapositions: “A Radical Feminist Dictionary, A to Z”. . . I can’t believe I missed this post, especially considering my little dictionary series.

Brave Lucky Game: “In Defense of the Rights of Brutes”. . . on carnism and veganism.

Ded Gurl Cingz the Blooze: “Individualism and Human Destruction” (audio)

A Salon article by Tracy Clark-Flory: “The twisted world of ‘ex-girlfriend porn'” [TW for sexual assault, massive hostility to consent]

High Dudgeon: Linda provides us with a list of ten “Handy Anti-Porn Arguments”

RMott: “You Said What”. . . on the betrayal of women in prostitution by supposed Leftists. “Empowerment”. . . on ‘healing’.

Democrats Defend a Woman’s Right to Not Be Pregnant

1 Mar

(Background info).

Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin (via Colorlines)

Rep. Jackie Speier of California (more from Echidne)

Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York (via Shakesville)