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Born & Raised

4 Jun

[Trigger warning for prostitution and sexual violence.]

“Since patriarchy began, prostitution is the only work for which men pay women enough to support themselves.” – Marilyn French, “The War Against Women”

The above quote sums up, essentially, what exactly men value in women. Prostitution is the ‘job’ that nearly any person who was born female can do. The prerequisites for such ‘work’ are that, as a female, you will likely have a history of abuse and/or have few or no other options to earn money.

When men do allow girls and women to make some amount of money through prostitution, it is still always conditional. The john could outrightly rape you with no intention of paying you. Your pimp could take all of your money in exchange for his ‘protection.’ You could become ill. Not every girl or woman who is prostituted actually does make enough money to support herself (or her family/children), of course, though it is often still the best option for income out of a number of other terrible options.

Prostitution remains one way of making money that females are uniquely conditioned for their entire lives. Being told — subtly or overtly — your entire life that you are inferior, that you are made to service and care for men, that your needs always come second, the presumption of heterosexuality. . . even if raised as part of a higher economic class, girls are taught that they do not exist for their own purposes. Add the common psychological effects of sexual assault (believing that your sexuality is all you have to offer, etc.) and the stage is entirely set.

Growing up female under patriarchy, though, is all one needs to fall into prostitution either willingly or not.