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“I Love Lucy”: Radical Feminist Propaganda?

13 Mar

Lucy wants an “Italian haircut”, a shorter style. The relevant portion of the clip begins at about 2:10 and ends at 3:00.


Lucy: You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get an Italian haircut.

Ricky: Oh no you’re not!

Lucy: Why not?

Ricky: Because I like your hair the way it is.

Lucy: But it would look so good short. Please?

Ricky: Look… for my son’s sake, no.

Lucy: What do you mean for your son’s sake?

Ricky: I’ll ‘splain.

Lucy: Ok. ‘Splain.

Ricky: All people in the world are divided into two groups… men and women.

Lucy: [sarcastically] I know. It’s a wonderful arrangement.

Ricky: Now. Men have short hair, and women have long hair. That’s the difference between them.

Lucy: Oh?

Ricky: Now, I don’t want my son to be confused. He should know whether he should call you mother or father.

Lucy: [walking away] Oh… men! You make me sick.

And later at 13:45 in the video…

Ethel: Well, it’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, but I guess Ricky’s just a man.