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Occupy… Your Dick!

16 Oct

Yes, that is an Occupy-Wall-Street-themed condom. Yes, it exists for realzies. Cuz you got to have something to fuck all those “hot chicks” with! The company making these should look into getting it made the official condom of Occupy Wall Street, seeing as they’re already handing out free condoms for the occupiers.

We won’t be screwed! We will come first!

The dudes leading this movement couldn’t have said it better themselves.

My Feminism, My Blog

4 Aug

I call myself a radical feminist because, for this world to be livable for women, girls, and all oppressed groups, radical change is necessary. I am not a lukewarm third-waver, despite what my “youthfulness” may convey. The “choices” that my fellow 20-something, white lady feminists like so much means little when living in a system filled with thoroughly awful options. The “choice” of prostitution or minimum wage with no benefits doesn’t cut it. And capitalism sucks.

I don’t tolerate “free speech” arguments in favor of pornography. Not only is it extremely US-focused, but silly, since speech so frequently means $ in this country o’ mine (USA! USA!).

I don’t say things like “wired that way”. All things considered “natural” must be questioned because natural=status quo and status quo=oppression.

I don’t think anyone should be able to call themselves a feminist. If you don’t support women’s liberation and social justice, you cannot be a feminist. Yes, indeed, I am the “feminist police”.

In conclusion, intersectionality ftw. Liberation over equality. I want a new system, not “equality” within a completely messed up system. Furthermore, capitalism sucks.