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‘Sex Radicalism’ & Anti-Political-Correctness: Peas in a Normative Pod

31 Oct

I’ve been thinking about so-called sex radicals lately. You know, the “pro-sex” (aka pro-commodified-sexuality) crowd who thinks it’s super awesome to engage in “power play” in sex and watch porn that includes fucking machines (or whatever). They throw around the word ‘vanilla’ to describe any type of sex that looks like you actually care about your partner’s safety and well-being. They claim that they are just so outside of what is socially-acceptable and that they are, essentially, a sexual minority.

This attitude is also seen with supposedly progressive people (*cough* Bill Maher *cough*) crusading against “political correctness”. This strain of back asswards liberalism believes in just “saying it like it is” and not “censoring” themselves. They act as if they’re fighting against The Man, but the result of their cavalier fuck-all attitude is that people get hurt. Not just “Oh, you hurt my feelings” hurt either. More like “Oh, thanks for keeping me as a permanent underclass through bigoted language” hurt. When you profess how little you give a damn about this, you are The Man.

The “pro-sex” and the anti-PCers both believe they are outside the norm of what is acceptable. However, what is so radical about calling Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin a bitch? They’re women in politics who you just demeaned with a gendered slur. Congrats. And what is so radical about hierarchal sexual relations? Isn’t that, ya know, exactly what we’ve been doing all along? Oh, I see though, you are aware that your Nazi/prisoner S&M role playing has clear power differentials. Well, I’m glad you read that chapter on WWII in your high school history book. Reenacting hierarchical relationships that are already present in the culture and calling it a part of your sexual orientation is not revolutionary. It’s just magnifying preexisting oppressive paradigms tenfold.

Your hip irreverence is not bold. Your hearty embrace of commingling power with sex is not in opposition to existing sexual norms. Knock it off and actually get radical.


LOLSOB Ur Searchterms

31 Oct

To the person who found my blog yesterday by searching the term ‘pornography’:

How many friggin results pages did you have to flip through to find this? I mean, you searched THE INTERNET for pornography and you came across this of all things?



“Lefties: Angry Wimmin” Documentary

27 Oct

I found this documentary through an old post of Feminamist, and it’s pretty great.

Part 1

The other five parts are below the fold.

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This is Pornography: Part 3

17 Oct

[Trigger warning: graphic descriptions of dehumanization, sexual assault, and sexualization of power inequality.]

This is part three in an ongoing series where I decipher what descriptions of popular porn videos are actually saying about groups of people, particularly women and people/women of color.

Previously: Part 1, Part 2

The following videos were in AVN’s Top 100 Rentals for October 2010. Underlining for emphasis has been added by me.

Boffing the Babysitter 6 (Number 60 in popularity)

C’mon Ella, get off the phone and put out that cigarette! I got a bone to prick with you!!
Emy took the babysitting job like a champ! With open mouth and open legs!
Jesse loves responsibility, she’s not afraid of hard work, or a hard cock!
It’s a long way to Carnegie Hall, especially if Tessa keeps stopping her lesson to fuck the piano teacher!

What it says: Have sex with the babysitter. Have sex with employees. All women and girls in your home are at your sexual disposal.

Massive Facials 2 (Number 68 in popularity)

Award winning director, Sam No, returns with the sequel, “Massive Facials 2.” Watch some of the biggest stars in porn get doused with excessive amounts of sperm. Lisa Ann receives 6 loads, Katie St. Ives 10 loads, Brooke Lee Adams 5 loads, Kristina Rose 10 loads, Ashli Orion 5 loads, and Tori Lane 10 loads. These girls get drenched with man goo!

What it says: Women love to be covered in men’s ejaculate.

Barely Legal 108 (Number 78 in popularity)

Sweet and eager young ladies who can’t wait to lick, suck, and fuck a hard dick! Tender little coochies that can’t wait to have a cum bath!

What it says: Women love pleasing men. They can’t wait to do everything to your penis that will bring you pleasure. It gives women pleasure.

Beautiful Sluts (Number 84 in popularity)

It’s time to fuck some Beautiful Sluts! With their voluptuous tits, plump asses, and perfect pussies, you’re sure to have the time of your life as these sluts suck and fuck like the dirty little whores that they are. Whether it be in the pussy or ass, these babes will take it any way they can get it because they’re beautiful, they’re slutty and they’re ready to get fucked!

What it says: Women who have sex are dirty. They want to have sex because they are sluts. “Slutty” women are always ready to have sex. Women always want to have sex. Women are in a constant state of consent at all times.

Other notes: My corrected version of one of the lines… “These women will have sex any way we want them to because they need the money and we’re paying them to obey us.”

This is Pornography: Part 2

16 Oct

[Trigger warning: graphic descriptions of dehumanization, sexual assault, and sexualization of power inequality.]

This is part two in an ongoing series where I decipher what descriptions of popular porn videos are actually saying about groups of people, particularly women and people/women of color.

Previously: Part 1

The following videos were in AVN’s Top 100 Rentals for October 2010. Underlining for emphasis has been added by me.

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Gail Dines Video: “Pornography Debases Men, Women, and Culture”

15 Oct

I just came across this video on NoPornNorthampton, and wanted to pass it along. It’s only 9 minutes, so it’s a good, succinct thing to show to friends and other people who are on the fence with porn.

This video has also been added to my Pornstitution Basics page, as well as a link to a preview of Gail Dines’ new(ish) book, Pornland.

Other Gail Dines-related things. . . an article on Ms. Magazine’s blog, “Yes, Pornography is Racist” and a transcript from her appearance on the show Lateline (both found via The Bitch Who Roared).

Update: It’s a Dines-a-palooza! Another link, this time to the transcript for a radio interview (via berryblade).

This is Pornography: Part 1

14 Oct

[Trigger warning: graphic descriptions of dehumanization, sexual assault, and sexualization of power inequality.]

This is the first post in what will be an ongoing series. I plan on posting descriptions of porn videos that are currently popular (according to Adult Video News), and I will be including some commentary as to what each video is saying about classes of people, particularly women and people/women of color. Women need to know that this is not benign “entertainment” that men are watching – not just a fantasy with no connection to “real life”. So here’s what porn really is.

The following videos were in AVN’s Top 100 Rentals for October 2010. Underlining for emphasis has been added by me.

Filthy Anal Girls: POV+ (Number 6 in popularity)

“Filthy? Yessir… 10 filthy, phat, ass-fucked, gaping girls, two-at-a-time for lucky Mike Adriano’s POV camera. There’s lots of POV blowjob stuff out there, but nobody shoots POV anal like Adriano, that’s why it’s called POV+. It starts with impeccable casting: Adriano loves curves so he included a group of honeys with big tits and asses, like Beverly Hills and Mason Moore as well as some tight hard bodies like Danica and Lou Charmelle. Big or small, the common thread is a willingness to have their asses lubed. Stretched and fucked. Adriano gets each lady in the mood with a loving anal kiss: he personally licks, lubes, rims and preps each anal ring as a prelude to amazingly shot close-ups of his cock slowly entering the puckering asses, while simultaneously capturing the faces of ecstasy in the same frame. This is what porn is supposed to be! As an added bonus, Filthy Anal Girls has a sixth “bonus scene” with Holly Fox and Andi Anderson from two years ago to show us how Adriano arrived at the status he currently enjoys: an anal adventurer of the highest caliber. They’re freaky, fun and filthy.”

What it says: Women who have anal sex are filthy. Women who have sex are filthy. Sex is filthy. You should like filthy sex. It is hot. No matter what these women look like, they all have an extreme desire for anal penetration. These women like to be anally penetrated. Women like to be anally penetrate. This is what porn is supposed to be. This is how your sex life should be. You should have anal sex with women. They all like it.

Hot and Mean (Number 21 in popularity)

“I’ll Do Anything to Have This Sale”
Adult toy saleswoman Madelyn just made the pitch of her life, and her client wants a demonstration of the products. Madelyn is more than happy to oblige.

“Dominating the Boss”
Sandy is a boss with a bad attitude. When one of her workers stands up to her, a cat fight erupts. Passions overtake them and Sandy submits to the pleasure.

[. . .]

“Pussy Drills”
Ashley is a tough drill sergeant who loves breaking down sexy, young recruits. Just when she breaks Veronica, she pulls out the dildos and fucks her.

What it says: Saleswomen should be sexualized. Women in positions of power in the workplace should be sexualized. Women in the military should be sexualized. Violently overtaking someone will lead to sex. Wearing someone down over time in order to ‘break’ them will cause them to ‘submit’ to you, and you two will have sex.

Pound Pussy 2 (Number 22 in popularity)

A “pound puppy” is a young, cute, cuddly dog that’s been rescued and is ready to reward its new master with unconditional love and affection. A “Pound Pussy” has the same qualities, except that we thankfully replace the puppies with pussies. Jonni Darkko movies have a way of delivering quality smut with insanely pretty girls who seem to enjoy being slutty. Pound Pussy 2 could be subtitled the “all-natural, all-brunette, all-cute edition”. Every one of these tight, tender tarts looks like the co-ed next door. The difference is that these youthful innocent girls all harbor a healthy, fun-loving appetite for cock and a big-time thirst for cum… which is why each one takes it in the mouth or face, ingesting cock-cream like a puppy lapping up a fresh bowl of milk. Amia Miley undulates in a sexy bikini that shows of her round ass and silky skin, moaning and squealing in a little girl voice and after her fuck session with Jordan, she drips his cum down her chin and teases the camera asking “do you want to fuck me too?” [. . .] Charley takes on two studs simultaneously, one black (Yashua) and one white (Mark Wood). They turn her upside down, fill her throat for a deep gag and baste her with enough ball butter to cover that face and both big boobies. No wonder Jonni likes to rescue these Pound Pussies. After all, they’re a man’s best friend.

What it says: Women are interchangeable with animals. These women look like the women in your college classes. It is ‘healthy’ and ‘fun-loving’ to like performing oral sex on men. It is best that women show how much they love a man’s ejaculate.

Up Skirts 2 (Number 28 in popularity)

Do you linger under stairwells hoping to sneak a peek under a hot girl’s miniskirt? Have you considered gluing mirrors on your shoes? Well put down the glue and pick up the lube instead, cuz your waiting days are over! ZT has brought you the sauciest sluts in the skimpiest skirts imaginable, and those firm round asses underneath are begging for much more than just a look. So go ahead and lift up the beaver’s tail to reveal that juicy pussy you always knew was waiting for you!

What it says: Do you like to look up women’s skirts and violate their privacy? This video will finally satisfy your urges that you have yet to act out on ‘real’ women. These women are wearing short skirts because they want you to look at their bodies. They are ‘begging’ for you to objectify them. These women’s bodies are for your pleasure. Women’s bodies are for your pleasure.