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Bad Romance + Female Suffrage = WOW.

11 Mar

So, this is impressive.

Everybody Knows the (Debt) Deal is Rotten

1 Aug

Historiann and I seem to have recalled the same song upon today’s resolution of shit with MOAR SHIT.

Hopefully now everybody will also know that Republicans are mendacious jackasses who will always rely on extortion to get their way. And that they don’t give a single, flea-sized crap about the consequences.

(I prefer Elizabeth & the Catapult’s version to Leonard’s.)

What About the (Girl) Children?

23 Jul

Going off of FCM’s post, “Strange Days”, regarding the lyrical and video content of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and Rihanna’s “S&M”, I present you with some extremely sad footage.

Nothing brings down your day like 9 year old girls singing “wanna be a victim/ready for abduction” and “chains and whips excite me”. A sign of the patriarchal apocalypse, to be sure. Here is a very small sample from Youtube:

At least one of the girls cringes at Kanye’s “alien sex” line.

Links: July 19, 2011

19 Jul

The F Word: from Meghan Murphy, “Of course pornography is a prisoner’s right. Because women aren’t actually human beings.”

I Blame the Patriarchy: “A bit of lighthearted fun”. . . so it’s on consent and PIV, of course!

Echidne of the Snakes: “The Elizabeth Warren Case”. . . on Elizabeth Warren, who essentially created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, being passed over for Obama’s nomination to lead it. Who got it? A dude with the same exact views as Warren.

Woman on a Journey: “Are t-shirts a women’s right? (Or, maybe they’d rather we go topless)” . . . on the creator of woman-born-woman shirts being threatened into stopping production.

Twanzphobic Since Forever: “Excuse me, which way to the Squirrel Bathroom?” . . . seriously commit this sentence to memory:

Any so-called internal identity that requires any form of external validation, is not an internal identity at all.

Cherryblossomlife: “Manufacturing GID” . . . on how ‘gender presentation’ is totally dependent on people buying a bunch of shit.

Femonade: “Strange Days”. . . on the horrific songs/videos for Rihanna’s S&M and Katy Perry’s E.T.

Newsweek: “The Growing Demand for Prostitution”. . . on a new study about ‘users’ of prostitutes and pornography [TW for sexual violence]. Perhaps the saddest part:

“We had big, big trouble finding nonusers,” Farley says. “We finally had to settle on a definition of non-sex-buyers as men who have not been to a strip club more than two times in the past year, have not purchased a lap dance, have not used pornography more than one time in the last month, and have not purchased phone sex or the services of a sex worker, escort, erotic masseuse, or prostitute.”

New Post Up at RadFem Hub: “Girls Don’t Run the World”

20 May

I just published my first post over at the Hub! It’s on Beyonce’s new video for “Run the World (Girls)” and the faux-empowerment messages. Have a looksee!

Feminists Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?

1 May

Lyrics below the fold. . .

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Male Muscians You Didn’t Know Were Radical Feminists

18 Feb

In which I retroactively attribute feminist intent to lyrics.

“Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”

— The Doors on men’s rights activists

“You got the power to let power go?”

— Kanye West asking a rhetorical question on the ethics of BDSM

“Are you just selfish, or do you wanna be free?”

— Chromeo imploring libertarian feminists to drop their individualistic ways and focus on class politics as a path to true liberation

Links: January 7, 2011

7 Jan

Womanist Musings: “The Crying Game”, a guest post about how anti-depressants can cause the inability to cry, something I experienced while on anti-depressants years ago as well.

“‘Braxton Family Values’ May Include Posing for Playboy”. . . on the, as Renee puts it, predatory nature of the sex industry, specifically in the recent cases of Toni Braxton and Nadya Suleman. Fabulous closing line:

The sex industry is always waiting like a hungry monster for disposable bodies to consume, and the twin evils of patriarchy and capitalism ensure that there is always fresh blood.

Shakesville: “Today in Feminist Rape Apologia”. . . spoiler alert: Naomi Wolf is quickly becoming the most embarrassing person to call herself a feminist. Can we make her turn in her membership card already? [TW for victim-blaming.]

On the new Kanye West video “Monster”. . . “Dear Kanye West: I Quit You”. [TW for violent misogyny and sexual violence.]

Tiger Beatdown: “Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown”. . . on what happens when you’re a feminist blogger – or just a lady who says things – and all of the misogynistic threats that follow. [TW for all of that and much more.]

Gender Trender: “NHS Determines Breast Implants are Medically Necessary: But Only for Men”. . . I think I may need to do a separate post on this.

Tunes I Dig: Janelle Monáe, “Cold War”

28 Dec

Love Janelle Monáe. Love this song. Love this video.

Lyrics below the fold…

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Dudebro: “There’s Some Women… Which One Should I Fuck?”

10 Nov

I watched The Colbert Report tonight and the guest was Cee Lo Green, who performed his very popular “Fuck You” song. I noticed that all the people in the band were women people, much to my happy surprise. Keyboardist, bass, guitar, drums… women! Way unexpected and cool to see for once.

Then, I went online to look up more about the band. Third result: “Which one in Cee Lo’s all female band would you bang?” I presume ‘one’ means ‘woman’ and is not referring to and instrument or another object.

Are there no limits to men’s ability to to sexually objectify any and all women they see? I saw these women and thought, “Oh, that’s pretty cool… good for them,” and this dude and plenty of others thought, “Oh, they’re hot… which one of them should I fuck?” And, of course, dudes, I’m sure those women totally want to have sex with you too. They aren’t there because they want to play their instruments and make some music; they’re there because they wanted some random internet guy to contemplate and discuss, with other guys, which one of them is the most ‘fuckable’.

Also related to the performance tonight, how fucking sad is it that I questioned whether or not the band members were really playing the instruments? It was a very brief questioning, but still… that the presence of conventionally-attractive women playing instruments looked artificial and just a mimicry of a “real” (mostly male) band? I guess that’s why I have the tag ‘the misogynist within’ on here.