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Radical Feminist Dictionary: Harm Reduction

20 Feb

Harm reduction: measures taken to lessen harm done by inherently harmful practices, institutions, and systems.

Example: [TW] “Guess that’s right, not much else you’re good for, there, sister. We’ll work on getting you more condoms and bitty alcohol swabs so you can get fucked but keep clean. Here ya go, here’s a coffee and a sandwich and a clean needle. Enjoy your choice.” (via Easilyriled)

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Radical Feminist Dictionary: Anti-Prostitution

15 Jan

Anti-prostitution: the belief that money, hunger, and/or poverty should never be factors in a person’s decision to have sexual contact with another person.

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Radical Feminist Dictionary: Gender

7 Jan

“‘Gender’: the putrid sum of stereotypes attached to biological sex. Includes gender roles, gendered expectations, gendered socialization, gender inclination, “gender orientation” [. . .], gender fetishes [. . .], sexist norms, sexism in general.”

(via Bluetraveler)

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Radical Feminist Dictionary: Strip Clubs

25 Dec

“[S]trip clubs – you know, those places where women are paid to get naked in order to publicly reinforce men’s social and personal power over females?”

(via Witchy Woo)