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Men Love Sluts

30 Aug

I’m feeling nostalgic. Oh, slut walks of yore… er, a few months ago.

Update (September 30, 2011):

Two new posts from the Rad Fem HUB confirm the dude-centeredness of SlutWalk in a very tangible way. Slutwalk Baltimore is being was organized by 18-year-old Brennan “Molester” Lester. Also, Matt Tuscano is co-sponsoring a SlutWalk at the University of Connecticut. While Lester prefers to read Lolita and ponder what he would do if he had a vagina, Tuscano enjoys posting woman-hating images on Facebook. Oh, such a multifaceted group of men who wish to co-opt feminism!

Get ‘Em When They’re Young

29 Aug

[Trigger warning for medical coercion and abuse.]

Headline: “Doctors now recommend teens, age 13-15, visit a gynecologist”.

While gynecologists have always seen teenagers with menstrual problems, there’s a new emphasis on building that early relationship. [. . .]

“People are leery. They think it will require an exam,” [. . .] “It’s really just to establish a relationship where they get to know us. It’s a non-threatening environment.”

This move to reel in younger teen girls to the gynecologist’s office isn’t entirely evil. Road to hell, good intentions, etc. However, this all just works to further normalize the constant medical surveillance of female bodies. It’s bad enough as is, but with earlier – and therefore more frequent – visits, girls hardly have the chance to realize that it is not, in fact, necessary to have doctors regularly inspect your genitals or reproductive organs. Rather, even younger girls will now be instructed to worry about the ticking time bomb that is (supposedly) their bodies. It’s never to early to learn that females are faulty versions of males, right?

As noted in the article, “At the first visit, patients receive a pamphlet explaining what to expect.” Before ever getting a gynecological exam (years before, actually), I panicked regularly about the impending visit. I researched what to expect online and forced myself to think of it as totally normal. I cried reading about women’s accounts of their doctor’s visits (even if it was “normal”/not traumatizing). I cried more when I finally found another young woman on a forum saying that she’s terrified and doesn’t want to go through with it. Responding to her, I wrote how I felt the same way and said how I couldn’t even think of the exam without imaging kicking the doctor across the room. (The reason I was considering getting a gynecological exam at age 15 was because I wanted to go on birth control. The 21 year old man I had been chatting with online said he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get pregnant if we decided to take our “relationship” offline. Nothing ended up happening, thank goodness.) It took me several years before realizing my aversion to these exams wasn’t because I was being “sensitive”; it seemed fucked up because it is fucked up.

Perhaps, at least, these early visits could be used to screen for sexual abuse? This is not on the list of reasons for the visits. These are, though:

“Personal safety, binge drinking and date rape.” Just what every teen girl needs. . . a lecture about how not to be raped!

“Birth control. Most teens using it do so to regulate their periods.” *Het-hem*

“The benefits and safety of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.” Ah, of course.

Merck, the maker of Gardasil, no doubt wants plenty of fresh guinea pigs to sign up for the vaccine. They also are testing the vaccine on girls in India against the competitor’s Cervarix. Why India? It costs less (though, as the linked article describes, it is clearly costing these girls their lives in many, many cases). Here is a very comprehensive article regarding the testing as well as the many risks associated with Gardasil.

These “early visits” are grooming for a life time of interventionist, unnecessary health “screenings” and “check ups”. The HPV-vaccine-pushers will also assure girls that the shots are necessary, because it is presumed that you will be engaging in proper hetero sex (PIV). Lesbian? Asexual? Just don’t want a painis in yourgina? Who cares! Shots for all!

Gynecology never ceases to amaze me in its ability to be the full-package when it comes to patriarchal bullshit.


CherryBlossomLife on RadFemHub: “Polish Government proposal: Submit to compulsory gynecological examinations, or be fired “ [warning for gynecological illustrations and descriptions of related horrors]

A film called “One More Girl” is in production right now, set to be released in 2012. The documentary will reveal the numerous adverse effects that girls and women have suffered from getting Garasil.

Against All Evidence’s First (Belated) Blogaversary!

26 Aug

Earlier this month, August 4th, was my blog’s first birthday. I started this blog when I wanted to “get serious” about my radical feminism and, you know, actually be radical. Before Against All Evidence, I had another blog wherein I had mostly done light “analysis” of ads (e.g.: “ugg, look at how stupid this is!”) and sometimes talked about porn and prostitution. When I began that blog, I was a Jezebel-reading liberal feminist. That is, until Gail Dines had to go and ruin the fun. And I’m sure glad she did. It was a game changer.

Radical feminism meant carrying out feminist analysis to its end. It meant Doing Work. . . looking patriarchal evils in the eye and explaining them – in full – without flinching. Radical feminism hasn’t necessarily told me anything I didn’t already know. It just gave me permission to admit that it really is as bad as I always knew it was.

Over the last year, I feel like I’ve entered a new phase of clarity with my politics. Without a doubt, a great deal of the credit goes to my fellow radfem bloggers and commenters. Very shortly after starting my blog, I started writing a draft post essentially saying, “Gosh darn, ya know. . . I’m a radical feminist but you transphobic radfems are just no good and are making us look bad!” I know, right? Oh, how far I’ve come.

I feel so fortunate to have “met” all of you. Four years of women’s studies never gave me such a feeling of community as you all have. Joining on to the Rad Fem Hub has also been an exciting endeavor, and I can’t wait to see where it continues to go.

So cheers to my blog still being around, and thanks to everyone who reads it! Much love, my sisters.

New Hub Post: “Side Effects of Patriarchy May Include PIV”

22 Aug

New post at the Rad Fem Hub on male contraception and the crap that women go through to have baby-free PIV.

Let this also be another occasion to share Sarah Haskins and “Target Women” with the world.

Everybody Knows the (Debt) Deal is Rotten

1 Aug

Historiann and I seem to have recalled the same song upon today’s resolution of shit with MOAR SHIT.

Hopefully now everybody will also know that Republicans are mendacious jackasses who will always rely on extortion to get their way. And that they don’t give a single, flea-sized crap about the consequences.

(I prefer Elizabeth & the Catapult’s version to Leonard’s.)