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Links: January 7, 2011

7 Jan

Womanist Musings: “The Crying Game”, a guest post about how anti-depressants can cause the inability to cry, something I experienced while on anti-depressants years ago as well.

“‘Braxton Family Values’ May Include Posing for Playboy”. . . on the, as Renee puts it, predatory nature of the sex industry, specifically in the recent cases of Toni Braxton and Nadya Suleman. Fabulous closing line:

The sex industry is always waiting like a hungry monster for disposable bodies to consume, and the twin evils of patriarchy and capitalism ensure that there is always fresh blood.

Shakesville: “Today in Feminist Rape Apologia”. . . spoiler alert: Naomi Wolf is quickly becoming the most embarrassing person to call herself a feminist. Can we make her turn in her membership card already? [TW for victim-blaming.]

On the new Kanye West video “Monster”. . . “Dear Kanye West: I Quit You”. [TW for violent misogyny and sexual violence.]

Tiger Beatdown: “Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown”. . . on what happens when you’re a feminist blogger – or just a lady who says things – and all of the misogynistic threats that follow. [TW for all of that and much more.]

Gender Trender: “NHS Determines Breast Implants are Medically Necessary: But Only for Men”. . . I think I may need to do a separate post on this.


Cervical Screening Lies: Part 1

30 Dec

[Trigger warning for medical coercion and abuse.]

Women, particularly in the U.S., have been conned into believing that pap smears are a necessary, frequent screening that they must endure, either so they can have access to oral contraceptives or so they feel “proactive” and “responsible” for their health. This is a bunch of rubbish.

I have gone through two pap smears, both before age 20, because guidelines at the time said it was necessary and I believed I was required to submit in order to get birth control pills. In my case, and surely the case of millions of other women, informed consent was absent when I made the decision to get cervical cancer screening.

I have compiled a great number of links so that every woman may educate herself about this procedure and the lies we are told so we will not resist having this done to us. Know that you are not alone in questioning this screening.

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