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Gail Dines Video: “Pornography Debases Men, Women, and Culture”

15 Oct

I just came across this video on NoPornNorthampton, and wanted to pass it along. It’s only 9 minutes, so it’s a good, succinct thing to show to friends and other people who are on the fence with porn.

This video has also been added to my Pornstitution Basics page, as well as a link to a preview of Gail Dines’ new(ish) book, Pornland.

Other Gail Dines-related things. . . an article on Ms. Magazine’s blog, “Yes, Pornography is Racist” and a transcript from her appearance on the show Lateline (both found via The Bitch Who Roared).

Update: It’s a Dines-a-palooza! Another link, this time to the transcript for a radio interview (via berryblade).