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Links: October 22, 2011

22 Oct

Photo by Caroline Schiff (click photo for Flickr page)

See? Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have leaders! There just happens to be a bunch of white men standing above everyone else and saying things.

Feministe: “Steven Greenstreet proves he’s definitely not a misogynist by making rape jokes.” . . . one of men who made the “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street” video is a total creep in several other ways! Like making rape jokes, stating that “an erection legitimizes everything”, and tracking down photos of a feminist blogger to make pervy comments about her. (Warning for the comments section. They’re letting in ‘dissenters’.)

Pandagon also has some interesting information to share about Mr. Greenstreet.

Ball Buster: “#occupybaltimore discourages police involvement in sexual assault cases”

The Crawdad Hole: “Dudebro Occupation”. . . more on Occupy Baltimore’s literature discouraging sexual assault victims from reporting it to the police.

I Blame the Patriarchy: “Storytime Korner”. . . very good comment thread with lots of other women commiserating about how male-focused Occupy is.


Echidne of the Snakes: from Suzie, “Occupying public space”. . .

How revolutionary it would be for feminists to occupy a public space day after day.

Scum-O-Rama: a new graphic, “we are occupy wall street. join us, bitches!”

I’ve already linked to FCM’s OWS post on Rad Fem Hub a couple of times, but to make this a more complete link roundup, here it is again: “Anarchist Politics Inform Occupy Wall Street”. The comment section is still very active!

From complex-brown on Tumblr, “BLACK OUT! At Occupy Philadelphia”:

We had a Black Out! at Occupy Philadelphia. Why?

Saturday,  two sisters were called Niggers by two of the volunteers at Occupy Philadelphia at the cell-phone charging stations.  They were also told to go back to Africa, and that each white man should own a slave. When the sista’s called security, security asked them to leave the premises [. . .]

Many of the people there to support Occupy Philadelphia came to us to tell us that all of us are people and that race is behind us! They told us that we were being divisive. Bullshit.

When we circled up to come up with a constructive way to address the people, we were constantly interrupted by white people who could not respect our safe space. These people said that it was a public space, and we couldn’t have a group that excuded them. [. . .]

As the sister was talking about her experience, there were some members in support, and there were even members who came up to us afterwards to show support. But many of the people were asking us to hurry up, calm down and finish.

From an article in Shakesville’s OWS link roundup:

Facilitators spearheaded a General Assembly proposal to limit the drumming to two hours a day. “The drumming is a major issue which has the potential to get us kicked out,” said Lauren Digion, a leader on the sanitation working group.

… “They’re imposing a structure on the natural flow of music,” said Seth Harper, an 18-year-old from Georgia. “The GA decided to do it … they suppressed people’s opinions. I wanted to do introduce a different proposal, but a big black organizer chick with an Afro said I couldn’t.

Rad Fem Hub has the final version of the OWS pamphlet up as well, in both pdf form and doc format. And again, here is a link to the FeminismNowOWS website with the text from their flier.

Also, if you are on the Twitter, post links to these posts (and mine) with the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet. Adbusters has a live feed coming from the tag on their main page. Spread the word!

Please drop any other similar links in the comments that I missed!

Updated to add:

Here’s a comic from Hoax Zine, based on actual events at Occupy Baltimore, regarding how un-seriously sexual harassment is taken.

[This links list was cross-posted to Rad Fem Hub along with more specific ideas for activism. . . and a new flier I made!]