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Video: Gail Dines, “Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism”

7 Oct

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Bad Romance + Female Suffrage = WOW.

11 Mar

So, this is impressive.

Video: MHP on Women, Church, and State

21 Feb

Melissa Harris-Perry’s new show on MSNBC premiered this weekend, and Sunday’s show had a particularly excellent conversation on the fallout from the Obama administration’s decision on contraceptive coverage and religious employers.

Included: Sen. Barbara Boxer’s grandson’s concise observation about the all-male panel on contraception, multiple anecdotes about shifting male-centric framing in girls’ lives, and several plain truths about male supremacy that you will basically never find on cable news shows or television generally.

Click the above image or here to watch the 18-minute clip.

Conference Videos: “Anita Hill, 20 Years Later”

5 Nov

Go check out a whole bunch of videos from a conference discussing Anita Hill’s testimony 20 years ago, sexual harassment, and law. The event was from a couple weeks ago and includes many wonderful speakers and discussions.


Website for the conference, “Sex, Power, & Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later”

New Hub Post: “Side Effects of Patriarchy May Include PIV”

22 Aug

New post at the Rad Fem Hub on male contraception and the crap that women go through to have baby-free PIV.

Let this also be another occasion to share Sarah Haskins and “Target Women” with the world.

Everybody Knows the (Debt) Deal is Rotten

1 Aug

Historiann and I seem to have recalled the same song upon today’s resolution of shit with MOAR SHIT.

Hopefully now everybody will also know that Republicans are mendacious jackasses who will always rely on extortion to get their way. And that they don’t give a single, flea-sized crap about the consequences.

(I prefer Elizabeth & the Catapult’s version to Leonard’s.)

What About the (Girl) Children?

23 Jul

Going off of FCM’s post, “Strange Days”, regarding the lyrical and video content of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and Rihanna’s “S&M”, I present you with some extremely sad footage.

Nothing brings down your day like 9 year old girls singing “wanna be a victim/ready for abduction” and “chains and whips excite me”. A sign of the patriarchal apocalypse, to be sure. Here is a very small sample from Youtube:

At least one of the girls cringes at Kanye’s “alien sex” line.

Documentary: “The Perfect Vagina”

31 Mar

[Trigger warning for body hatred miscellany. Warning for some graphic images of surgery.]

No, it’s not a perfect, radical-feminist-y film. And, yes, it should be ‘vulva’ instead of ‘vagina’. It’s still worth a watch if your emotional fortitude allows.

“I Love Lucy”: Radical Feminist Propaganda?

13 Mar

Lucy wants an “Italian haircut”, a shorter style. The relevant portion of the clip begins at about 2:10 and ends at 3:00.


Lucy: You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to get an Italian haircut.

Ricky: Oh no you’re not!

Lucy: Why not?

Ricky: Because I like your hair the way it is.

Lucy: But it would look so good short. Please?

Ricky: Look… for my son’s sake, no.

Lucy: What do you mean for your son’s sake?

Ricky: I’ll ‘splain.

Lucy: Ok. ‘Splain.

Ricky: All people in the world are divided into two groups… men and women.

Lucy: [sarcastically] I know. It’s a wonderful arrangement.

Ricky: Now. Men have short hair, and women have long hair. That’s the difference between them.

Lucy: Oh?

Ricky: Now, I don’t want my son to be confused. He should know whether he should call you mother or father.

Lucy: [walking away] Oh… men! You make me sick.

And later at 13:45 in the video…

Ethel: Well, it’s a terrible thing to say about anyone, but I guess Ricky’s just a man.

Militarized Health Ads

13 Mar

Here are television ads for two products which appeared over the last couple years. I haven’t seen any other blog link these two ads, so here they are.

All of the ads feature a woman as consumer/patient/war-zone, with the product portrayed as a military force coming to “solve” the “problem” the woman has. I could get into the various layers of media analysis here, but this isn’t 101 and this isn’t Sociological Images. I just wanted to share these since they all have such a bizarre confluence of military overtones while also treating female bodies as deficient. What a twofer!

[Note: overt phallic imagery, anyone?]

Omnaris nasal spray (1)

Omnaris nasal spray (2)

[Note: The next ads might be a bit triggery regarding disordered eating.]

Ensure “nutrition” drink (1)

Ensure “nutrition” drink (2)