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My Feminism, My Blog

4 Aug

I call myself a radical feminist because, for this world to be livable for women, girls, and all oppressed groups, radical change is necessary. I am not a lukewarm third-waver, despite what my “youthfulness” may convey. The “choices” that my fellow 20-something, white lady feminists like so much means little when living in a system filled with thoroughly awful options. The “choice” of prostitution or minimum wage with no benefits doesn’t cut it. And capitalism sucks.

I don’t tolerate “free speech” arguments in favor of pornography. Not only is it extremely US-focused, but silly, since speech so frequently means $ in this country o’ mine (USA! USA!).

I don’t say things like “wired that way”. All things considered “natural” must be questioned because natural=status quo and status quo=oppression.

I don’t think anyone should be able to call themselves a feminist. If you don’t support women’s liberation and social justice, you cannot be a feminist. Yes, indeed, I am the “feminist police”.

In conclusion, intersectionality ftw. Liberation over equality. I want a new system, not “equality” within a completely messed up system. Furthermore, capitalism sucks.