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Quotable: Compromising with Patriarchy for Popularity

17 Aug

Rebecca Whisnant on sex-poz/third-wave feminism:

Now think about it: in this cultural and political context, a feminism that acquiesces to certain key male entitlements, while simultaneously presenting itself as bold and liberated and rebellious, is likely to be appealing to many women. A version of feminism that supports girls’ and women’s desired self-conception as independent and powerful, while actually requiring very little of them as far as confronting real male power, will similarly have wide appeal.

On adaptive preferences:

The basic idea is simple: if I can’t have something (or think I can’t have it), then it behooves me not to want that thing. Conversely, if I’m going to get something whether I like it or not, then I’ll be happier if I can get myself to want it and like it. So people adapt their desires to fit their situations, rather than vice versa, thus minimizing the pain and cognitive dissonance of continuing to want something that they don’t think they can get: “if you can’t have what you want,” as the saying goes, “then want what you have.”

The concept of adaptive preferences is indispensable to understanding the self-reproducing dynamics of oppressive systems. In particular, I think it can help us understand the new brand of feminism[. . .]

Quoting a blogger:

“Fuck-me feminism … is a school of thought that suggests [women] are empowered by reclaiming and controlling our own sexual objectification, by reclaiming the power of pornography and the sex industry for ourselves, and by flaunting our desire and willingness to have sex. In other words, being a man’s sexual object can’t hurt me if I want to be objectified; pornography and the sex industry can’t degrade me if I enjoy it or if I profit from it; being used for sex can’t devalue me if I’m using him too; being regarded as nothing more than a pussy to fuck can’t dehumanize me if I want him to fuck my pussy.”


For the Dudebro Who Has Everything

17 Aug

Last week, I witnessed something terrible. Something I had only heard about, had assumed to be some type of urban legend. . . I saw it myself. Yes, I saw Truck Nutz. I know what you’re thinking, “What color?”. . . “What size?”. . . “What the fuck?” Good questions!

Truck Nutz, for the blissfully unaware, are fake (rubber?) testicles that one puts somewhere near the hitch area on the back of one’s truck. The, uh, set that I saw was what the website calls “flesh” color, which is a whole other, uh, set of dudebro problems. I assume that when someone decides to purchase Truck Nutz, they must really love testicles. They must love them so much that they want to look at them whenever they pass by their car. Surely, the proud Truck Nutz owner says to himself, “Damn, those are some good nuts,” whenever he catches a glimpse of all that hot chrome surrounding the Nutz in all their hanging glory. Not only this, but this guy would also like to show you his nuts… I mean his car’s nuts… I mean his truck’s nuts… nutz. Because that’s just how he hangs… I mean rolls… gah! If you do outfit you truck with Nutz, though, be aware that you aren’t going to be able to refute anyone’s claim that your huge truck is compensating for something. I mean, you’re the one putting human-like testicles on your car.

If the testicle-loving consumer has still not had his fill of testicle…-related products, well, now not only can his car have some nuts, but his pet can too! Doncha just hate how depressed both you and your neutered dog or cat (or prairie dog or buffalo) become after he has “the operation”? Luckily, someone (who is likely an MRA type of guy) has come in to fill this nichefixed the issue… solved the problem. Presenting, Neuticles. High-grade silicone testicular implants for your dog who had them savagely ripped out by a veterinarian in order to control pet population and make your dog a bit more chill.

My favorite part of the website is the “interesting facts” part, particularly this tid bit.

Over Two Centuries Old…
in 1802. As a result, it has become our ‘culture’ to accept emasculation as being the norm.

First, LOL not making sense. Second, “culture”. Third, since when is “emasculation” any kind of norm? Lastly, what the hell happened in 1802?

I’m so tempted to email the creator of these things and say how my female cat just hasn’t been the same since she got spayed, and then inquire about whether the Neuticles folks are considering manufacturing fake ovaries in the future.

Also, you will be happy to know that I just invented Sedan Ovariez. They only cost $10 (cheaper than Truck Nutz!) and here’s how to order. Send me $10. Instantly (using magic), your Sedan Ovariez are delivered and placed neatly out of sight somewhere inside your car. “But how will I know they’re there?” you’re asking. See, that’s the great thing about Sedan Ovariez: they aren’t all showy and out there. Although, don’t be too open about having Sedan Ovariez as the government may find it necessary to heavily restrict what your car is able to do and where it goes.

And here’s where I end my post because I just started some extended metaphor that is becoming weirder and weirder the more I stretch it.


For a point-by-point take down of the Neuticle website’s claims, please see this rather funny blog post.

What Feminism is Not

10 Aug

(Alternate title: “What Feminism Should Not Be”.)

*sharing tips about how to lessen your gag reflex response when giving blow jobs

*buying things that “support breast cancer research” and are, undoubtedly, pink

*using the language of capitalism to describe women’s options under patriarchy (ex: “a woman’s choice to be a prostitute”)

*(while we’re at it) saying “I choose my choice” non-ironically

*upon being called out by a POC/WOC for displaying white privilege, you refuse to seriously consider their concerns

*attacking folks who call you out on your ableist language (remember, this post is being written by a “crazy” person!)

*seeing no or few problems with relationships or pornography based on sexualized power dynamics

*not finding it problematic that “rape fantasies” are appealing to some people

*denying internalized self-objectification; saying things like “I do it for myself”, regarding wearing makeup, dressing a certain way, etc

*thinking that the personal isn’t all that political

*jumping at the chance to interject, “BUT I LOVE MEN!” to avoid the man-hating feminazi stereotype

*99.8% of the content of all episodes of Sex & the City (this is a generous approximation)

*photos of baby animals (but they do help you deal with the above items being done in the name of feminism)

My Feminism, My Blog

4 Aug

I call myself a radical feminist because, for this world to be livable for women, girls, and all oppressed groups, radical change is necessary. I am not a lukewarm third-waver, despite what my “youthfulness” may convey. The “choices” that my fellow 20-something, white lady feminists like so much means little when living in a system filled with thoroughly awful options. The “choice” of prostitution or minimum wage with no benefits doesn’t cut it. And capitalism sucks.

I don’t tolerate “free speech” arguments in favor of pornography. Not only is it extremely US-focused, but silly, since speech so frequently means $ in this country o’ mine (USA! USA!).

I don’t say things like “wired that way”. All things considered “natural” must be questioned because natural=status quo and status quo=oppression.

I don’t think anyone should be able to call themselves a feminist. If you don’t support women’s liberation and social justice, you cannot be a feminist. Yes, indeed, I am the “feminist police”.

In conclusion, intersectionality ftw. Liberation over equality. I want a new system, not “equality” within a completely messed up system. Furthermore, capitalism sucks.