“A Job Like Any Other”

5 Dec

You want to treat prostitution like any other job? Ok, let’s do it.

This is the ‘job’ that so-called feminists want women to have the ‘right’ to do:

a job with no healthcare benefits (which will certainly be needed because this job also entails regularly acquiring infections and diseases)

a job in which you are less and less valuable as you age

a job in which a 13 year old is literally worth more than a 23 year old who has 10 years experience (credit to Sam Berg)

a job that necessarily leaves one at risk for massive amounts of violence, including rape

a job that frequently causes post-traumatic stress disorder

a job that may as well list ‘prior sexual abuse’ as a prerequisite

a job in which there is routine drug and alcohol use by workers, usually so they can cope with their working conditions

a job in which rape can be redefined as ‘theft of services’

a job that, if done indoors at a legal ‘work site’, will probably have a panic button so that the worker can get help for a ‘customer’ that is sexually assaulting her or trying to kill her

a job that many workers don’t even have the most faint glimmer of ‘choice’ in doing

a job in which ‘customers’ may film or photograph you and sell or post online that footage of you ‘working’ so that other people may watch you ‘do your job’

a job in which you are paid more money if you are young or are willing to do more dangerous things (more dangerous for the worker, that is)

a job in which economic coercion is almost always present

a job in which ‘quitting’ is frequently insurmountably difficult

a job that closely resembles slavery for most of it’s workers and is described as such by workers

a job that leaves its workers at risk for rape more than any other group of people in the world

a job whose workers have ridiculously high premature mortality rates, primarily because they are murdered

Some job.

One Response to ““A Job Like Any Other””

  1. Michiru October 9, 2011 at 2:25 am #

    Under these conditions I wonder why pro porners aren’t banging for proper unions (as if you can unionize this)……I wonder what anti porn-union propaganda against working conditions that the sex possies will scream on their behalf. Doing the work of the patriachy > not helping.

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