“Welcome to Our World”

26 Feb

Yes, trans women are beaten, killed, and raped. So are female women. Everyday, everywhere. As other radical feminist bloggers have said, “Welcome to our world.” This stuff isn’t surprising to us. So welcome to what it means to have your body read as ‘woman’: open season for male violence.

I want it to be , “Welcome to our world. It’s awful. Let’s change it together,” but that’s difficult when trans women demand focus be solely on them and the harms of “trans misogyny” and how it is so different from what FAAB women go through*. But it really isn’t.

This should be a touch point – yes, for radical feminists and trans women – rather than a divergence. But folks need to examine their years of accumulated male privilege before something like that can happen. A good first step? Actually listening to what FAAB women have to say about their experiences of being treated like women. Blogroll is on the right.

*Focusing solely female issues also can get you labeled transphobic, cissexist, or even a ‘cis supremacist’. Quick tip from a female person: talking about my uterus is not oppressing trans women.

2 Responses to ““Welcome to Our World””

  1. FAB Libber February 27, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    In the beginning when feminism and transactivism crossed paths on the internet, most feminists gave the transactivists the opportunity to tell their story and to potentially join with us in the fight against female oppression. I think that most of us saw early on, that if you look female, you will get treated exactly the same as other females.

    It soon became clear though that transactivists did not want to join feminism, but to run it. To deem for themselves special snowflake status as the mostest oppressedest women on the planet, and that their problems were to become a priority for the feminist (or women’s liberation) movement. That’s not how it works!

    There is plenty of room within feminism to champion special needs/problems within the group, and feminist analysis usually manages to cover everything from ageism, ableism, racism, etc. But none of these additional problems mean that the bearer has special snowflake status, just that these are additional intersections of problems.

    Ignoring reproductive issues for women is a big no-no. Reproduction issues and problems are one of the major things that affect nearly all women, for a huge chunk of their lives. Also, reproduction can affect quality of life, opportunities (eg having too many unwanted children, or unwanted pregnancies). For many of us, even menstruation is a big deal, painful agonising periods month after month affecting quality of life and even endangering career in some cases. Put up with that crap for 20-30 years, and it has an effect.

    For many of us feminists, we also want to get out from under the constraints of the gender role binary, being forced to look manicured and pretty, dieting, ‘feminine’, and to be able to wear comfy clothes and shoes. Many trans (not all, but many) embrace all of that baggage with gusto, then wonder why we are critical.

    Most radfems do not have anything against individual trans persons, after all, most are just trying to get by in a shitty system, and many have been hookwinked into going trans (and later regret that). But the transactivists are a bunch of loudmouthed entitled males trying to make us again second-best, and they can STFU.

    So it would be more accurate to say that radfems, far from being ‘transphobic’ are in fact ‘transactivistphobic’.

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