No Immunity in Death for Sexual Objectification

27 Jan

[Trigger warning for violence and dehumanization, particularly involving pornography.]

Two news items involving the death or murder of women have caught my attention.

The first story involves murder charges against Rodney Alcala, a man with a history of violence towards women and girls. He is already a convicted rapist, kidnapper, and murderer, having killed at least 7 and up to 100 women.

In the New York Times story linked above, the author attempts to end on a “happy” note, it appears. With what? A description of how beautiful one of the murdered women was.

[Bruce Ditnes, who dated Ellen Hoover,] said she had long black hair down to her waist and “gorgeous brown eyes.” He said he was not surprised that she had caught Mr. Alcala’s eye.

“Ellen would literally cause traffic accidents,” he said. “We would walk into restaurants, and people would spill things on themselves.”

She was just so gorgeous that a man killed her.

She caught Rodney Alcala’s gynecidal eye, the lucky lady.


The second story is that of Carolin Wosnitza. She was a woman. She was a woman who was featured in pornography, and she died while undergoing her sixth breast augmentation last week. Basically every mainstream headline about her death involves the words ‘porn star’ or ‘sexy’, and few use her non-porn-industry name. A couple examples: “‘Sexy Cora’ Dead: Porn Star Dies After Sixth Breast Operation” . . . “Porn Star Dead After Breast Surgery”. (See this post at I Blame the Patriarchy for more on the media portrayal of her death).

Her non-porn name doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but “Sexy Cora” does. On her page, “medical issues and death” is the first section. Besides the complications from surgery, there is another note:

Cora was hospitalized in 2009 after trying to break the world record for the number of fellatios performed in one day. She was trying for 200 men but was unable to pass 75.

In fact checking this story — yes, it is true — I came across a forum for dudes who like to fight each other where one man decided to eulogize “Sexy Cora”. Another man commented on the post, which deserves an additional trigger warning of its own. I am posting it because I think it gives a peek into how little regard men who “love women” through viewing pornography actually care about the women they watch. The comment is exceptional in it’s ability to make me hate the world, so I have put it below the fold.

WTF? She was a classic perv, even for a German. I’ve seen her in a lot of weird stuff. not the hottest chick I’ve ever seen, but you could tell she was into the shit she was doing. The world was a better place with her in it, and has suffered with her loss.

Now, as to how she died…

She was 23 and having her sixth breast augmentation. I have two thoughts about this:

1. Ladies, go big to start. If you’re the kind of person who says, “I’ll get a tattoo, something small and classy where no one will see it.” and now you have full sleeves, just ask the doctor to go as big as possible every time. Don’t turn into kanye’s mom and spend more time in the shop than a Kia.

2. She’s a hero. She died doing something awesome to an extent that most people wouldn’t dream of. She’s like a cop that died saving a bus full of babies and puppies by pushing it through the wall of a burning building. If there isn’t a world holiday for this then the terrorist’s really have won.

Godspeed big-tittied perverted German porn star girl. May choirs of big titted angels lead you into paradise.

Why is her death tragic to him? Because she no longer can produce new pornographic images for him to jerk off to.

His solution to stop such a tragedy from happening to other women? Get huge breast implants from the get-go.

Oh, yeah, and she’s like a hero who died in the line of duty rather than a woman who was thoroughly victimized by patriarchy and had internalized the misogynistic standards of porn perfection.

First step in justifying violence towards a group? Dehumanization.

First thoughts of an avid porn consumer when a woman dies?
Her breasts will be missed.

4 Responses to “No Immunity in Death for Sexual Objectification”

  1. GallusMag January 27, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    It’s fucking war. It really is. A woman in Germany left this statement as part of a comment to my post on Carolin’s death:

    “They had the maintainer of her FB memorial page on German TV some days ago and he said that although there had been many respectful comments he also got requests for her implants and one… comment asking if her tattoed skin was available to make a lamp out of.”

    Murderous porn cannibals and ghouls, those were her “fans”. So sad. May she rest in peace now.

    • lishra January 27, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

      That is so thoroughly disgusting. I hadn’t seen your post on this yet. I’m glad it’s getting more blogosphere coverage. Echidne also had a post on her death yesterday.

  2. Li'l J January 29, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    This is disgusting. And unfortunately things like this make me despair in men… or in the hope of actually finding men who aren’t as friggin backward and neanderthalic as this tool.

  3. Azundris January 30, 2011 at 2:36 am #

    I just read her entry in *German* wikipedia. It doesn’t even mention the fellatio thing, but instead states that she originally trained to be a nurse, but then had to quit on account of medical problems. Getting a (slightly) more humanizing portrayal from “those pervy Germans”, whoda thunk.

    I have no general issue with the wikipedia entry being filed under her stage name, as realistically that’s what people will know her by (if at all), and use to look her up. I am rather creeped out by those individuals whose main contribution to WP consists of a large number of biographies of pornographic performers, though.

    I also feel a bit uneasy about using her stage name, but in any other profession, it would seem disrespectful to NOT use the stage name — a stage name is a CHOICE (though realistically speaking not always the performers’), whereas a given name is not. (Germans, for all intents and purposes, do not have the right to self name. Names generally only change as the result of changes in ownership, such as marriage or adoption. Change of name deeds are not easily available.)

    All that said, IBTP.

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