Links: January 7, 2011

7 Jan

Womanist Musings: “The Crying Game”, a guest post about how anti-depressants can cause the inability to cry, something I experienced while on anti-depressants years ago as well.

“‘Braxton Family Values’ May Include Posing for Playboy”. . . on the, as Renee puts it, predatory nature of the sex industry, specifically in the recent cases of Toni Braxton and Nadya Suleman. Fabulous closing line:

The sex industry is always waiting like a hungry monster for disposable bodies to consume, and the twin evils of patriarchy and capitalism ensure that there is always fresh blood.

Shakesville: “Today in Feminist Rape Apologia”. . . spoiler alert: Naomi Wolf is quickly becoming the most embarrassing person to call herself a feminist. Can we make her turn in her membership card already? [TW for victim-blaming.]

On the new Kanye West video “Monster”. . . “Dear Kanye West: I Quit You”. [TW for violent misogyny and sexual violence.]

Tiger Beatdown: “Why I Didn’t Delete Tiger Beatdown”. . . on what happens when you’re a feminist blogger – or just a lady who says things – and all of the misogynistic threats that follow. [TW for all of that and much more.]

Gender Trender: “NHS Determines Breast Implants are Medically Necessary: But Only for Men”. . . I think I may need to do a separate post on this.

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