Links: January 2, 2011

2 Jan

Shakesville: “The Porn King with a Heart of Gold”. . . on Vivid’s co-founder continuing to coerce Nadya Suleman (the U.S. woman who had 8 babies at once a couple years ago) into doing porn. This time, he wants her to do porn in exchange for him paying off her mortgage. How is this not debt bondage? Also, dude, SHE SAID SHE’S NOT INTERESTED. Damn the rape/porn culture. [TW for sexual coercion.]

Rage Against the Man-Chine: “You’re doing X in spite of Y. Right on. Now how about we remove Y so we can all do A through Z?. . . on ‘agency’ and ‘fun feminism’, individualism/libertarianism vs class politics.

Via Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter, the audio of a wonderful lecture titled, “Making the Connection: Rape and Pornography.” [TW for sexual violence, porn miscellany.]

What is the role of pornography in rape cases? Listen to Janine Benedet, Associate Professor UBC Law and Narissa Yan, Collective Member of Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter “Making the Connection: Rape and Pornography.” This sound file is from the  Vancouver Public Library for the 21st Memorial of the Montréal Massacre, 2010.

R Mott: “What Do You See”, on what you actually are watching when you watch porn. [TW for sexual violence.]

Sociological Images: “Gender, Boobs, and Video Game Characters”. . . includes a humorous (in a LOLsob way) flow-chart for how video game creators choose attributes of characters, based on gender. Also, another LOLworthy set of images – super sexy graphic novel ladies redrawn to resemble male characters.

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