Yup, “Free Speech”

18 Dec

[Trigger warning for rape apologism.]

Larry Flynt, pornographer and woman-hater extraordinaire*, has given $50,000 to the WikiLeaks defense fund. This comes after Michael Moore put $20,000 towards Julian Assange’s bail recently. Cozy company, eh Mike?

Flynt, in his ‘explanation’ on the Huffington Post, says this is about “free speech”, how Assange is a journalist, a hero. . . but wait. He closes with this:

Assange has been hit with dubious criminal charges because his condom failed during a sexual encounter. Give me a break.

Julian Assange should not face a prison sentence. We should have a ticker-tape parade for this brave man.

Not only is that a LIE about the accusations, but it shows exactly what Flynt and other Assange defenders care about. They’ll say it’s about ‘free speech’, but when it comes down to it, it’s straight up misogyny. It’s not about helping the organization’s work, it’s about protecting one of their own (a man).

*In case you are unfamiliar with Flynt and his publication, Hustler, I recommend the site Hustling the Left, though be warned there are very triggering images and cartoons involving sexual violence and other hatred.

3 Responses to “Yup, “Free Speech””

  1. Rainbow Riot December 19, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    Ugh. Flynt makes me want to vomit blood. I hate the folks on Assange’s side, too. Yeah, free speech is great, but when we’re talking about rape, even an accusation of rape, fuck free speech. Women don’t have free speech. We are bullied into silence whenever we speak out, especially about a “hero” or a “brave man” really being a piece of shit behind closed doors. If the condom broke, and he was having sex with a woman who said she would do it only with a condom, and then he knew the condom broke and kept going anyway, that is rape. I would hope that some “radical” men who love “freedom” would take this as a clue that even idols can be abusers or should be scrutinized, but no, it just becomes an excuse to call women bitches for daring to blaspheme against someone with a dick.

    “Freedom” to them means that women shouldn’t be allowed to accuse someone of rape, because it makes the accused look bad. But don’t worry, I’m sure that this is all a big conspiracy against poor wittle Julien, because he dares to stand for “freedom”, and anyone who opposes him must want censorship! What a crock of shit.

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