Links: November 5, 2010

5 Nov

A Radical Profeminist: “Where’s Andrea Dworkin When We Need Her?”

The Period Blog: “Dictionary Definitions of Genitalia part 1”, a telling analysis of definitions given to female and male genitalia

[TW for sexual assault] Women’s Rights ( “14-Year-Old Girl Raped After Being Used as ‘Bait'”

The teacher coerced 14-year-old B.H.J., an African-American student who had reported being repeatedly sexually harassed, into meeting her tormentor in a bathroom, assuring her that they would “catch him.” But nobody followed B.H.J. into the bathroom, and nobody stopped her from being raped; the teacher simply went back to her classroom and waited. B.H.J. is reported as being severely traumatized and in an almost completely non-communicative state.

[TW for violence/sexual assault] Women in Prison: “Interview with Brenda Myers”, formerly-prostituted woman discusses sex trafficking in the Chicago area, decriminalization, her experiences, and how she got out of the sex trade

My Husband Betty: “Jeez Louise This Whole Cisgender Thing”

New York Times: “High-Tech Answer to Harassment on Egypt’s Streets”, article about the Hollaback-style actions being taken by women in Egypt

Echidne of the Snakes: “Chains Beneath The Frivolity and Flounces”, on RuPaul’s new tv show that has drag queens instruct women on how to be better women

[TW for descriptions of violent porn] The Globe and Mail: “More Men are Speaking Out Against Pornography”, article quoting both Gail Dines and Robert Jensen, as well as some young anti-porn men

Small as their numbers might be now, hot-blooded, heterosexual men of all ages are becoming more vocal about swearing off pornography. Rather than opposing it on religious or conservative grounds, the new wave of men against porn is concerned about how the pervasiveness and extreme forms of pornography are affecting not only women, but their own attitudes and sex lives as well.

The article also mentions The AntiPorn Men Project, which I have recently added to by blogroll. Check it out.

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