This is Pornography: Part 3

17 Oct

[Trigger warning: graphic descriptions of dehumanization, sexual assault, and sexualization of power inequality.]

This is part three in an ongoing series where I decipher what descriptions of popular porn videos are actually saying about groups of people, particularly women and people/women of color.

Previously: Part 1, Part 2

The following videos were in AVN’s Top 100 Rentals for October 2010. Underlining for emphasis has been added by me.

Boffing the Babysitter 6 (Number 60 in popularity)

C’mon Ella, get off the phone and put out that cigarette! I got a bone to prick with you!!
Emy took the babysitting job like a champ! With open mouth and open legs!
Jesse loves responsibility, she’s not afraid of hard work, or a hard cock!
It’s a long way to Carnegie Hall, especially if Tessa keeps stopping her lesson to fuck the piano teacher!

What it says: Have sex with the babysitter. Have sex with employees. All women and girls in your home are at your sexual disposal.

Massive Facials 2 (Number 68 in popularity)

Award winning director, Sam No, returns with the sequel, “Massive Facials 2.” Watch some of the biggest stars in porn get doused with excessive amounts of sperm. Lisa Ann receives 6 loads, Katie St. Ives 10 loads, Brooke Lee Adams 5 loads, Kristina Rose 10 loads, Ashli Orion 5 loads, and Tori Lane 10 loads. These girls get drenched with man goo!

What it says: Women love to be covered in men’s ejaculate.

Barely Legal 108 (Number 78 in popularity)

Sweet and eager young ladies who can’t wait to lick, suck, and fuck a hard dick! Tender little coochies that can’t wait to have a cum bath!

What it says: Women love pleasing men. They can’t wait to do everything to your penis that will bring you pleasure. It gives women pleasure.

Beautiful Sluts (Number 84 in popularity)

It’s time to fuck some Beautiful Sluts! With their voluptuous tits, plump asses, and perfect pussies, you’re sure to have the time of your life as these sluts suck and fuck like the dirty little whores that they are. Whether it be in the pussy or ass, these babes will take it any way they can get it because they’re beautiful, they’re slutty and they’re ready to get fucked!

What it says: Women who have sex are dirty. They want to have sex because they are sluts. “Slutty” women are always ready to have sex. Women always want to have sex. Women are in a constant state of consent at all times.

Other notes: My corrected version of one of the lines… “These women will have sex any way we want them to because they need the money and we’re paying them to obey us.”

2 Responses to “This is Pornography: Part 3”

  1. Kelly September 12, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    Why are men still kidding themselves this is clearly hate speech.

  2. Sabrina L. June 19, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    I realize this is an old old post but I came here via and have to chime in on the “Barely Legal 108.” I despise the concept of Barely Legal, by the way. What it says is not only can they not wait, they’ve been waiting for just this since BEFORE they were legal.

    It says to men, teens have been dreaming of the day they can realize their inner whore. It says, girls are curious and eager to have you take advantage of them and it’s only this pesky law that is stopping them from allowing you access–at least, in a way that anyone would find out.

    It says to WOMEN, or rather, GIRLS, that you have the most value when you are tender and young, so if you wait until you’re even 19 or 20 (or heaven forbid longer!) then you aren’t going to be as appealing to men. (In fact, the earlier the better, find ways around this silly law!) It says that full spectrum eagerness is the norm, that any curiosity or desire a girl has about boys or sexuality is necessarily an innate wish to do these specific acts (lick suck and fuck a hard dick), and that not wanting to do these acts must be unnatural or prudish.

    It says to WOMEN, no longer girls, that your day has passed, you are used and washed up, men want someone younger than you. Infantalize yourself, be willing to do anything so you can seem as easily taken advantage of as you were before you knew the ways of the world, and mutilate your body to appear younger to the fullest extent your money can buy.

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